Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Night part 1

Location: New York Film Academy Cafe
Time: 8pm
Lesson Learned: Don't smile at strangers.

So I'm sitting at a table drinking a Naked juice reading an Anita Blake book waiting for the other volunteers in my group, just minding my own business. A large group of people pass by, one guy sees me and tells me that he thinks I'm pretty. Now I didn't want to be rude and I didn't have my iPod in so I couldn't use that as an excuse to ignore him so I smiled at him. (BIG MISTAKE) But I didn't think that at the time. The guy and the crowd passes down towards St. Marks Street, and I return to my reading (Anita was in the hospital after being attacked by a flesh eating zombie; gasp).

Crisis averted; not even close. The guy comes running back up the block to stand in front of me. Here is how the conversation almost verbatim:

Guy: Wow, you're really pretty.
Me: Thanks (Insert awkward smile)
Guy: I've been celibate for 1 year and 2 months.
Me: Thats nice for you. (Looks down at book, take the hint please)
By this point the guy starts to look agitated, his neck starts to twitch and he's getting shifty.
Guy: I've read the Bible everyday for 1 year and 2 months.
Me: That's ni-
Guy: I'm sorry
Me: Okay.
Guy: You're pretty.
Me: Thanks. (Now why did my mother and grandmother teach me to be so damn polite?)
Guy: I shouldn't be doing this.
Me: Hmm.
Guy: I'm sorry guys have done so many terrible things in the Bible. I'm sorry for that, they shouldn't have done those things women are good.
Me: (WTF) That's nice?
Guy: Oh shit. Is that your boyfriend?
At this point he was leaning over the fence that was separating us a bit and one of my fellow volunteers has shown up and is obviously looking for someone.
Me: (Knee jerk reaction) No but I do know him. (Secretly praying that my friend will see me and start making his way over).
Guy: Oh, okay. Oh shit engagement ring.
The guy saw my ring and booked it down the block again as my friend finally made his way over to the table.
Friend: What was that about?
I tell him the story.
Friend: You should really write a blog about the stuff that happens to you.

The rest as they say was history :)

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